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JAMB UTME 2011 Registration for 2011/2012 direct entry

AMB UTME 2011 has come and gone, now we are at the period of anxiety. Finally the JAMB UTME 2011 results have been released? See breakdown of UTME 2011 results. You can check JAMB UTME 2011 results at, same Java website used for UTME 2011 registration. You will need your Reg. No., Serial No., or PIN.

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Registration for the Unified Tertiary Matriculation Examination, UTME 2011, organised by the Joint Admission and Matriculation Board, JAMB, for admission into tertiary institutions in Nigeria for 2011/2012 and 2012/2013 academic year has ended online. Jamb changed the UTME registration website and introduced a few changes in the UTME 2011 registration processes. Scratch card for accessing the e-registration portal for JAMB UTME 2011 sold for N4,600 at designated banks, NIPOST offices and JAMB offices nationwide. The date for JAMB UTME Exam has been shifted to June 8, 2011 to avoid clashes with NECO exams also taking place around the same period.

JAMB UTME e-registration portal is at To access the JAMB UTME portal for e-registration, you need a scratch card sold for N4,600 at leading banks, Post offices and JAMB offices through out Nigeria. The JAMB UTME Scratch card contains a serial number and your PIN, two vital information you require for your UTME e-registration. UTME 2011 registration will also require a finger print scanner.

JAMB has introduced a new process for 2011 UTME registration. UTME 2011 registration requires a biometric scanner. The biometric scanner (finger print reader) will be used to capture the left and right thumbs of the candidates. Candidates are advised to make sure a finger print reader is available on the computer they intend using for their JAMB UTME 2011 registration as their finger print (left and right thumb) will be read before they can sign-up for a UTME account, which is the first step in the
registration process.

Another new requirement for registering for JAMB UTME 2011 is that the computer you use for your registration must have the Java Runtime Environment (JRE) installed. This is because the application that runs the Jamb UTME 2011 registration portal is based on Java programming language. Minimum of JRE 1.6 is required. Java JRE can be downloaded free on the internet, if it is not already on your system (about 10MB).
Make sure to read the instructions at the registration website before commencing your registration. The JAMB UTME 2011 Brochure is built-into the portal making it easy to search for details of your Jamb UTME courses of choice.

Registering for JAMB UTME 2011
Once you buy your JAMB UTME scratch card, the next thing to do is to visit the JAMB UTME 2011 e-registration portal. The UTME 2011 registration portal is as at . Make sure a finger print reader is available on the computer before commencing registration.
If you are an absolutely new user (i.e. you have not signed up a JAMB UTME 2011 account), use the Sign Up module with the Sign Up (New Users) heading.
Look up the serial number and PIN on your JAMB UTME 2011 scratch card and enter them in the appropriate field in the Sign Up Module. If you registered for JAMB UTME 2010 (last year), the JAMB UTME portal will automatically fetch some of your registration details for JAMB UTME 2010 if you fill-in the UTME 2010 Reg No. (if available field) field. If validation of your JAMB UTME scratch card PIN is successful, you will then be required to scan your left and right thumbs.

Once that is complete you can then proceed to creating your UTME 2011 account. You will create a username and password for logging in to the JAMB UTME 2011 portal. These username and password will be used for subsequent visits to the portal. If your username is not unique, you will be required to choose another one.
Once your JAMB UTME 2011 account is created, the registration page will load for you to commence your UTME 2011 registration. At this point, you can either logout or continue your registration. If you choose to log-out, you can continue your JAMB UTME registration by logging in with the username and password you created in the sign up process. This time you use the Log in Module. Note that subsequent visits to the JAMB UTME portal will no-longer require a fingerprint scanner, but JRE will still be required on the computer.

Before registering for JAMB UTME 2011, make sure you have your information ready. It is advisable to download the JAMB UTME 2011 form template, print a hard copy and fill, then go online and fill the online UTME registration form. Make sure to go through the online brochure at the portal to be sure you enter the right UTME subjects for your chosen course. You should also have an electronic copy of your passport sized photo ready on your computer or flash drive. An electronic copy of your passport can be made through a scanner. You can also capture directly with a digital camera.
Make sure the photo is recent, clear, and of the right size and not more than 15 kiobyte. Test the validity of your passport using the facility provided in the JAMB UTME portal. If your passport is flagged, re-size it using Microsoft photo editor. Note that the picture must also be in jpeg format.

After completing your UTME 2011 registration form, click on submit to complete the registration. Note that once you click submit, your data will be sent to JAMB and at this point you will no longer be able to edit it. You will then be issued a JAMB UTME registration number and examination number, make sure you memorise this number or at least write it down somewhere. You can print your UTME Slip. The UTME Slip can be printed at anytime, just login to print.

Try and Register for UTME 2011 Yourself
Online registration for JAMB UTME is very simple, although this year a few complexities have been added. However, if you have some basic computer skills you will be able to register yourself with little difficulty. If you already know how to browse the internet using tools like Yahoo mail, Gmail, or Facebook, then registering for JAMB UTME will probably be a piece of cake for you. However, if you are not computer literate it may be quite challenging. But that does not mean you should give it out to a consultant to do for you. The fact is that you can register for JAMB UTME yourself.
However, the need for fingerprint scanner may create some difficulty. You have to probably look for a cyber cafe with fingerprint scanners. You can use such a cafe to signup for your UTME account. You can then logout and continue the registration yourself another time or you can complete it at the internet cafe. Note that the JAMB UTME registration portal required that the Java Runtime Environment be installed on your computer.

Registering yourself for UTME 2011 online may be a great opportunity to become computer literate, so don't miss it. If you must give out your Jamb UTME registration to another person, use a friend that is computer literate and learn from him/her.
Registering yourself for JAMB UTME may also be challenging because of slow internet connections at cyber cafes as well as the capacity of the JAMB UTME registration portal. We hope JAMB have taken care of the high level of load expected during this period. Some cyber cafes may block access to JAMB UTME e-registration portal fron their cafe so that you pay them for your UTME registration. In such a situation, you are advised to look for a cyber cafe that does not offer JAMB UTME services. However, if it is impossible to register for Jamb UTME yourself, then you can give it out to a consultant or to the cyber cafe, but don't just give out your Jamb UTME registration to a consultant without first trying to register yourself.

If you outsource your JAMB UTME registration to a consultant or cyber cafe, make sure you monitor him/her to ensure that your data is properly entered. Most people with registration problem in JAMB UTME are usually those who give it out to consultants without proper monitoring. If you find the JAMB UTME portal too slow try on Sundays or at Night when traffic is minimal.
If you have your own internet connection, you can always access the JAMB UTME portal at anytime.

Note about the fingerprint scanner

JAMB UTME 2011 registration requires fingerprint scan. Although nobody is sure yet, but the fingerprint derived from the registration process may be used for gaining access to examination hall on examination date. If this the case, prospective candidates for JAMB UTME 2011, should take it very serious. Make sure your left and right thumb fingerprint are carefully scanned to avoid surprises and disappointments on UTME 2011 examination date. Make sure the biometric scanner and your hands are clean when taking the scan.

What is JAMB UTME?
JAMB is the body established by law to conduct matriculation examinations into tertiary institutions in Nigeria. JAMB used to conduct two matriculation examinations in Nigeria, the Jamb UME, a University matriculation examination, and the Jamb MPCE (also called Poly Jamb), a matriculation examination targeted at Monotechnics, Polytechnics, and Colleges of education.
Starting from 2010, JAMB started conducting only one examination. The Jamb UME and MPCE has been replaced by the Jamb UTME, which is a matriculation examination for admission into tertiary institutions. Unlike Jamb UME and MPCE results that are valid for just one year, the JAMB UTME result will be valid for two years.
In additions candidates for Jamb UTME will select two Universities, two Polytechnics, and two Colleges of Education during their registration. Based on Jamb UTME results, candidates will be allocated to any of the six institutions selected. The beauty of Jamb UTME is that candidates who fail to secure admission into Universities will still have the opportunity of securing admission into Polytechnics and Colleges of Education instead of waiting to write another Jamb.

What is JAMB Direct Entry?

Jamb Direct Entry is an opportunity provided by Jamb for candidates with advanced level qualifications to gain admission into the University. Jamb DE candidates register for direct entry to a University of their choice. Based on their performance at both advanced and ordinary level they may be offered admission. Jamb does not conduct any direct entry examination, you simply access based on your A Level and O Level performance. However, the University you apply to may conduct a Jamb direct entry screening test.

Note that there will be no Poly JAMB in 2011, so if you plan entering a University, Polytechnic, Monotechnic, or College of Education, you must seat for the Jamb UTME examination. Jamb UTME registration ends February, 2010, but Jamb DE registration is still continue till the towards the end of the first half of 2011. JAMB UTME replaces

JAMB UME and JAMB MPCE from 2010.

Having seen their results candidates of the last JAMB UTME examinations for the past few weeks have been seeking information concerning JAMB UTME cut-off for various institutions and other post UTME issues. Well JAMB has broken the silence by pegging UTME cutoff to 180. JAMB announced a uniform UTME cutoff of 180 for Universities, Polytechnics, and Colleges of Education. With the release of JAMB UTME cutoff all is now set for admissions to start. A number of institutions like UNN, ESUT, DELSU, etc have completed post UTME screening while others will follow soon.

Get info on post UTME and Admission for 2011/2012

Some institutions like UNIBEN, NAU/UNIZIK, IMSU, ANSU, UNILAG, UNN, RSUST, ABSU, UNILORIN, UNAAB, DELSU, FUT Minna, Kwara Poly, and Niger Delta University, announced their JAMB UTME cut-off mark, others are yet to announce theirs. Some institutions may have higher UTME cutoff mark than that of JAMB, like UNN, UNILAG and UNILORIN that announced JAMB UTME cutoff of 200. Even within the same institution UTME cutoff will vary from course to course depending on demand. Some institutions may also set JAMB UTME cutoff mark less than that of JAMB. We are still expecting the name of the best candidate in this year's UTME exams.

However, some Institutions, mostly private universities have started announcing dates for their post UTME screening test. The only major government institution that has announced post UTME screening for 2010/2011 academic year is the University of Lagos, UNILAG. UNILAG's Post UTME screening comes up June 28,2010.

Post UTME 2010/2011

Follow the links below for Post UTME screening and admission pages of institutions that have announced post UTME screening so far:
* 2010/2011 post UTME screening and Admission FUT, Minna
* 2010/2011 post UTME screening and Admission Kwara Poly
* 2010/2011 post UTME screening and Admission FUTO
* 2010/2011 post UTME screening and Admission KASU
* 2010/2011 Post UTME & Admission UNIPORT
* 2010/2011 post UTME screening and Admission UNIBEN
* 2010/2011 post UTME screening and Admission IMSU
* 2010/2011 Post UTME screening and Admission UNILAG
* 2010/2011 UTME Admission UNILORIN
* 2010/2011 Post UTME screening Wesley University of Technology
* 2010/2011 Post UTME screening Igbinedion University
* Find more 2010/2011 Post UTME screening details

The Joint Admission and Matriculation Board, JAMB has officially announced the release of the results of Jamb UTME 2010. The Jamb UTME results is better than the NECO GCE 2009 results, with over 501,000 candidates (over 41%) scoring 200 and above. Over 96.2% of the Jamb UTME results has been released. According to the Jamb Registrar, candidates can check their Jamb UTME result on the internet at the Jamb UTME results checker website.

From the information on the Jamb UTME results checker portal, you will not need your Jamb UTME scratch card to check your results, but you will require your Jamb UTME registration number. Jamb UTME results checker is a You may be facing challenges checking your Jamb UTME results because lots of other people are checking at the same time so the website is having over capacity issues. If you try and cannot access the UTME website or your UTME results then try again another time. Your UTME results may not be currently accessible because it may not have been uploaded by JAMB. So, wait a few days and try accessing UTME website again.

If you are getting the error record does not exist, while checking your JAMB UTME results, it could be for any of the following reasons:
1. You are using wrong UTME number
2. Your UTME results may not have been uploaded yet by JAMB
3. Your UTME results are still being screened and hence not available yet
4. Your UTME results may have been withheld for malpractices

Here is a brief breakdown of the results of Jamb UTME 2010:
* No. of candidates that sat for Jamb UTME: 1,276,795
* No. that sat for Jamb UTME in foreign countries: 271
* No. that scored 200 and above: 501,463 (41%)
* No. of UTME candidates that scored 180 and above: 832,434 (68%)
* State with highest number of UTME candidates: Imo (111,613)
* State with least number of UTME candidates: Abuja (2,393)
* State with highest number of malpractices: Bayelsa (5,442 cases)
* Withheld UTME results: 20,780

The top scorer in UTME have not been announced because, some UTME results are still being screened. Check your Jamb UTME results at
Jamb Direct entry registration is ongoing. Candidates for Jamb DE should register online at the appropriate website.

Last Saturday, over 1.3 million candidates sat for the first ever Jamb UTME examination in 321 towns and 2705 centres across Nigeria as well as in centres located in Accra, Ghana, Buea in the Republic of Cameroon, Cotonou in the Republic of Benin, London in the United Kingdom, Jeddah in Saudi Arabia and Johannesburg in South Africa.
Contrary to popular belief, the Post Jamb may still be retained even with the introduction of Jamb UTME. So if you think passing your Jamb UTME examinations is all you need to be admitted into a Nigerian tertiary institution, you should start thinking again if recent media pronouncements from the education ministry is anything to go by. So to be on a safer side, start preparing for Post Jamb.

If you lost your Jamb UTME Slip, simply visit the Jamb UTME website, click on PRINT SLIP, enter your JAMB UTME registration number, and click PRINT. If you can not remember your JAMB UTME registration number, you have a more serious problem. We suggest you visit the nearest Jamb office and ask for a remedy. It might cost you some money so do not go empty handed. As for those of you who still have their Jamb UTME Slip, it is recommended you memorize your registration number or at least write it down somewhere for easy reference.

Online registration has ended for 2010 Unified Tertiary Matriculation Examination UTME organised by the Joint Admission and Matriculation Board JAMB in Nigeria. The new e-registration portal for the JAMB UTME is better and easier to use. E-registration for JAMB UTME 2010 closed officially on February 15, 2010. JAMB UTME examination date was April 17, 2010. You may also be interested in Neco and WAEC Examinations.
Note that there will be no Poly Jamb in 2010, so if you plan entering a University, Polytechnic, Monotechnic, or College of Education in 2010, you must seat for the Jamb UTME examination.
Note that scratch card for Jamb UTME registration and Jamb DE registration are different, so make sure you collect the appropriate Jamb scratch card for the registration you are interested in. Jamb DE and Jamb UTME registration can be accessed at separate website. While Jamb UTME 2010 registration is at, the Jamb DE registration 2010 is at

Important links on the JAMB UTME e-registration portal:
* JAMB UTME 2011 e-registration portal
* JAMB UMTE Registration Instruction page
* Download Java JRE for your computer
* 2011 JAMB UTME Online Brochure

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